Why is the Decathlon Btwin folding bike great?

Specialized in the design and distribution of sports equipment, Decathlon is known for marketing quality folding bike models. After a rather successful launch of its Hoptown models, the brand has recently rolled out a new series of more innovative Btwin folding bikes.

Essentially, note that this is a range made up of models of classic and electric folding bikes accessible to all budgets and very popular both for their technical characteristics and for their concrete performance, their robustness, their simplicity and their comfort in use.

Decathlon’s range of folding bikes

These are mainly folding bikes from the Btwin range, made up of a category of classic folding bikes with flagship models such as the Btwin TILT 120 and the TILT 900, the TILT 500 and TILT 100. As well as a recent category of electrically assisted folding bike including the unique TILT 500 E model.

The folding bike Btwin TILT 120

Btwin Decathlon TILT 120 bike
Btwin TILT 120 bike

The Btwin TILT 120 is arguably the most popular and highest rated model in Decathlon’s classic folding bike range. For 250 € (official price) the brand gives you all the amenities of a quality folding bike, light but robust, easy to fold then unfold and comfortable to use.

Technically, the TILT 120 has a 100% Hi-Ten steel frame and forks for added strength. Its Shimano TZ20 6-speed transmission system is coupled with steel V-Brakes, as well as 20-inch wheels fitted with Gumwall city tires for perfect grip.

The folding bike Btwin TILT 900

Btwin TILT 900 bike
Btwin Decathlon TILT 900 bike

It represents the most successful model in the category of classic folding bikes from Decathlon. It is a high-end folding bike that uncompromisingly combines comfort, performance and agility to meet your daily mobility needs as efficiently as possible.

It should be noted that the TILT 900 is equipped with an ultra-light and robust 6061 T6 raw aluminum frame. Its quick and easy side folding system allows it to be folded and unfolded in 15 seconds. The transmission is at the forefront with the Shimano Sora 9 speed derailleur coupled to V-brakes for more safety.

Its puncture-proof tires equipped with Skinwall technology bring more lightness to the whole bike which weighs only 12.2 kg with a very low compactness for easier transport and storage.

The folding bike Btwin TILT 500

Btwin Decathlon TILT 500 bike
Btwin TILT 500 bike

This model of intermodal bike has technical characteristics and a design quite similar to those of the TILT 900.

The only difference is that the TILT 500 is fitted with a 7-speed Shimano transmission system that is not as efficient as that of the recent TILT 900. However, it remains practical and efficient, easily combining with other modes of urban transport to serve you in all your outings.

The folding bike Btwin TILT 100

Btwin Decathlon TILT 100 bike
Btwin TILT 100 bike

It is the most economical offer of the entire Btwin range from Decathlon. An ideal model for people on a budget looking for a folding bike with decent features at a low price.

For 159 € the TILT 100 gives you a fairly strong Hi-Ten steel bike, easy to fold and unfold in 30 seconds, light enough to be easy to transport and store. It is equipped with 20-inch wheels, a single-speed transmission system. Simple and practical, the TILT 100 remains an ideal bike for use on flat urban terrain.

The Btwin TILT 500 E electrically assisted folding bike

This unique model offered by Decathlon combines the performance, comfort and ease of use sought in a high-end electric folding bike. It has an aluminum frame incorporating a 250 W Brushless motor and a 24V battery with a capacity of 7.8 Ah, autonomous for 20 to 35 km depending on the mode of use (Eco / Normal / Sport) .

It is equipped with a Shimano Tourney 6-speed derailleur, performance V-brakes, as well as wheels with Skinwall puncture-proof tires. Foldable and unfolding in just 15 seconds, it is also a very light (18.6 kg) and compact electric bike, easy to transport.

How to choose your folding bike?

Whether you opt for a Btwin model from Decathlon or one of the many brands available on the market, to choose the ideal bike without breaking your head, just keep in mind the following criteria:

Frequency of use

Choose your folding bike based on what you want to do with it and how often you plan to use it. Are you looking for an ideal folding bike for occasional, regular or intensive use? The answer will allow you to opt for the folding bike whose equipment is tailored to your needs.

The number of speeds

This criterion must be considered taking into account the distance and the nature of the routes to be covered (urban, flat or hilly terrain, etc.). A distinction is generally made between single-speed models (1 speed) and those offering several speeds (6 to 7 or more). Naturally, a model offering a greater number of adjustable speeds will offer greater agility and efficiency in your movements.

The strength and lightness of the frame

These are the details that matter if you are looking for durable, but above all easy to transport equipment that you can take anywhere in combination with other means of urban transport. Aluminum frames are known to be stronger and lighter than those cast from steel.

The simplicity of the folding system

This criterion meets the requirements of practicality and simplicity. You should give preference to a bicycle model with a fairly practical, simple and quick folding-unfolding system that you will have no difficulty in using in a timely manner.

What do customers who have bought think?

Btwin folding bikes by Décathlon enjoy a good reputation with the public and with people who have bought and used one of the bicycle models in this range.

A visit to the official Decathlon store will show you that Btwin bikes register an evaluation score of 4.62 / 5 based on nearly 47,030 opinions following verified purchases, or 35,853 very satisfied ratings.

Overall, users who love and recommend these bikes find them to be very practical, light, simple and quick to fold and unfold, as good as they are sturdy, with good value for money.

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