Why is volleyball a sport that is becoming more and more democratic?

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Volleyball has been and remains the only team sport that is played without involving contact between players. It is practiced in more than 130 countries by more than 800 million people. It is made available to everyone. This is a discipline that has continued to spread to such an extent that it is cited as an example to bring certain sports reserved for a category of person such as golf to democratize. But how is it that volleyball has continued to democratize?


It is a discipline practiced by a team of six people in a room which has seen new practices develop in recent years. This time it is not practiced in a room, but in the open air by two teams made up of only two players: Beach Volleyball. The parent discipline is characterized by repetitive jumps, waiting in a bent knee position with short explosive runs.

The risks are no less important. The position and role of the player as well as his contact with the ball and the ground remain the first responsible for injuries. These are usually not serious. It can be practiced at any age and requires coordination and especially physical skills. It is a discipline that opens up to the world.

A light sport

Volleyball is a discipline which is evolving today with an increase in the number of clubs and especially of teams giving themselves to this sport. The fact of being a non-binding team sport has really favored its popularization so that it can have such great renown today.

It is also adopted by a good number of people because it does not require a lot of means and expensive equipment before being practiced. In addition, the simplicity of the rules that are applied to him is a lot for the love that we have for him.

More importantly! There is a large community of enthusiasts of this discipline developing on the Net, as well as shops devoted solely to volleyball. Everything is there to promote its democratization.

A social sport

Because of its social aspect, volleyball is today recognized in the world as one of the most practiced disciplines. Between college, friends, acquaintances, we meet for volleyball games. The small number of athletes as well as the simplicity of its rules and its game make it a friendly sport.

It can be played anywhere, even as a couple. Another form of this discipline is experiencing more than meteoric rise today. This is obviously Beach volleyball, which has become a competitive discipline today, whereas previously it was only seen as another way of playing volleyball. The number of amateurs is constantly increasing.

Its simplicity, its non-binding character, its sociability have not yet finished allowing volleyball to become more democratic. Only the future will show us its limits.

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