Why is YggTorrent changing address?

This is not the first time, nor the last time that YggTorrent has changed address in response to a blockade by the French FAI. However, they are not the only ones to block, Google, plays a big role in this change of address. But why is this change of address happening to YggTorrent?

What is YggTorrent exactly?

YggTorrent is a site created in 2017, the year in which the downgrading of illegal content on the Internet was implemented. It is a site that hosts and references BitTorrent links. These elements make it possible to recover, using different software, cultural content such as films and series, video games, in a pirated and therefore illegal manner. So you have the ability to watch thousands of content straight from home with ease.

What address to go to to access YggTorrent?

The previous address of YggTorrent was yggtorrent.pe, now if you want to access this site, you will have to go through this address yggtorrent.ws. They based their platform on the Samoa Islands, as they posted on Twitter. You are not immune to a change of address soon, because it is a real hunt that will never stop.

How is this blocking possible?

This blocking is done by the French ISPs (Internet Service Providers), who blacklist these addresses in order to block them, following legal proceedings. But it is not only the ISPs, which intervene in the various changes of address, but also the search engines. Indeed, since 2017, has been implemented a downgrading of illegal sites in Google search results, the reason why the search engine dereferences each time the new addresses of YggTorrent.

Why is it better to go through legal streaming sites?

Watching streams from home is not illegal, which makes this practice illegal, it is the sites that offer you this illegally obtained cultural content. The streaming platforms do not have the copyright to share with you the various films, series, video games or software available on their site.

However, it is possible to go through legal streaming sites, you can go through Netflix, Amazon Prime or even Ocs. You will, of course, have to pay a monthly subscription, but all available content will be offered legally, with copyright.

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