Why Should All Children Have Building Games?

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The construction games have great benefits for children. These games are simple to use, but which are nevertheless very complete, because they mobilize in the child many skills. Here are a few reasons why your kids should all have this type of game.

Because they promote the development of children

Construction games promote the development of many faculties in your children including his skill and his coordination. The child learns to better control his gestures, to understand and to coordinate the relationship between his sight and his hands. Construction games also develop the creativity of your child.

Because they present endless possibilities

Construction games offer children a variety of objects to make. They can therefore indulge their imagination. This game is therefore presented as a set of several other games. The child can then create and have fun doing a lot of other things.

Because they have a calming effect

Construction games force children to focus on something other than their strong feelings and emotions. Thus, this type of game is presented as an effective way to appease them when they are angry or anxious. This game is also used in therapy to help children with certain disorders calm down and control their reactions.

How to choose construction games?

Choosing a construction game for your child is not done at random. You have to consider certain parameters including age before buying it. You will find many other construction games than those presented below, depending on the age of your children on ToyPrivate.

From 6 to 24 months – prefer large pieces

At this age, the child’s attention will be much more focused on large shapes and colors. In addition, it does not risk swallowing them in view of the size of the parts. You can opt for example for the Mega bloks 123 in plastic for children, the ABC wooden cubes, the Jerome animal wooden cube puzzle, etc.

From 24 months – suggest new shapes

Wooden train with ABC cube

At this age, introducing your child to new shapes will help develop their visual memory. You have the choice between Tiger wooden truck with ABC stacking cube, the Construction game and mosaic, the Chantal small flower ball game where the Natural wood construction set.

From 5 years old – favor more complex games

Lego classic creative suitcase

From the age of 5, your child is able to make slightly more complex objects. Do not hesitate to offer him games that will allow him to mobilize more and more skills and keep his attention longer. Games like Lego Classic 10,962 creative stones, Playmobil 9264 advent calendar or Cogo Army Action Assault Helicopter 95 Piece Construction Set are perfectly suited.

From 6 years old – take games with model

Cogo army action construction set assault helicopter 95-pieces

Model games are great for children this age. They will learn to eventually reproduce the things entrusted to them. You can take him a The Soothing Anger Puzzle, a The triangle puzzle, a Christmas tree puzzle, but once again a Cogo Army construction game, ball slides that you have to assemble yourself etc.

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