Why should you give your husband a beer tap?

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After water, beer is the second oldest drink in the world. There are a multitude of types and methods to serve it. However, draft beer is much more popular with consumers and requires the use of a beer tap. Is your husband a beer fan? We present here the advantages of offering a printer.

What is a beer tap?

A beer tap, also called a fountain or beer pump, is a device used to pump the beer contained in a keg connected to the device. This machine was invented by an English mechanic in the 18th century. The initial model consisted of a crank that was operated to raise the beer.

Recent models have a carboy that diffuses carbon dioxide pressurizing the beer. There are several types of pullers, some are electric and others gravity with the barrels positioned high. Beer dispensers have a cooling process built into the system.

Depending on the type of consumption, several types of drawers are available with barrels of different dimensions. Although there are universal pumps, beer dispensers are often suitable for a specific category of beer. The taps for domestic use are composed of small barrels, between 2 and 5 liters, which support, depending on the model, irregular or daily use.

What are the advantages of a beer tap?

It should be noted first that the ideal beer dispenser for your husband is the one that is best suited to his consumption needs and his preferences in terms of quality. For this the best is to opt for a universal printer, offering the possibility of putting different brands in the device The prices being very affordable according to the brands and the characteristics, do not hesitate, ladies, please your men with a universal printer.

The first advantage of the beer dispenser is related to the temperature of the beverage. Indeed, the cooling system of these pumps makes it possible to serve beer at the ideal temperature. You can control the temperature of the keg in order to draw your drink neither hot nor too cold.

Furthermore, the protection against light offered by the kegs is excellent for maintaining the quality of the beer. Indeed, the manufacture of beer requires dark conditions favoring the fermentation process. It is therefore known to all that ambient light is harmful for beer, hence the advantage of the filler over bottled beer.

Also, the beer dispenser allows you to have a beer that is always foamy thanks to the CO2 cartridges integrated into the machine. These cartridges inject gas into the beer and can be used for the entire capacity of the keg. Their replacement is therefore coupled with the filling of the barrel.

Finally, the beer pump saves you the hassle of a large number of bottles when you receive guests for a party for example. It is practical and adds conviviality to your events.

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