Why shouldn’t you choose a used loading ramp?

In the construction sector, many machines flock to the site all day long for deliveries and the like. You must therefore opt for suitable loading ramps to facilitate their transit.

Loading ramps abound on the market these days, so you don’t know which way to turn. Either way, we strongly recommend that you do not go for a used ramp, for relevant reasons which you can read throughout this article.

What is a used loading ramp?

In general, a product, whatever it is, is said to be used if it has already known at least one previous user. It is also sometimes referred to as a second-hand product. So a used loading ramp is a ramp that has been used by a user previously. You will understand that it is no longer in its original new condition.

Used ramps come at a low price, which inevitably appeals to light and skimpy wallets. In addition, with second-hand ramp sales sites, you are not always protected: it is easy to get ripped off. The number of victims increases a little more each day, the disappointment is annoying and the dissatisfaction, bitter.

Why shouldn’t you go for a used loading ramp?

There are several reasons behind the fact that you should always go for a new loading ramp, and never for a used ramp, we follow the advice of Loading Ramp regarding used loading ramps, they are to to avoid.

Diminished characteristics

Well, the number one reason you shouldn’t trust a used loading ramp is because it has been used before. Loading ramps are used to support considerable loads: this means that robustness and reach are essential criteria. A used ramp certainly performs less well than a new ramp.

In addition, there are risks that the material is not always of high quality. However, loading ramps must be made from resistant materials such as galvanized steel and aluminum.

Standards not met

It’s easy to believe that second-hand products are tailor-made to satisfy a large network of customers, but the fact remains that these products sometimes ignore safety and manufacturing standards. You can easily be tempted by a ramp of unconventional dimensions and cause you serious accidents on the construction sites and enormous losses. Buying less could then turn out to be expensive, very expensive even!

The dubious guarantee

The other problem with used products is that the warranty is not always certain, and sometimes even non-existent. At the best of times, it is very short. So don’t be surprised that after a relatively short period of time after you buy it, your ramp has some unfortunate flaws and your merchant is unavailable for any request.

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