Why Switch to Interactive Solutions in Classrooms?

Interactive solutions are increasingly popular in classrooms. These are means that effectively promote understanding and avoid gloom during lessons. However, it is noted that while some establishments use them, others are still reluctant to adopt them. So what are the benefits of moving to interactive classroom solutions?

More attentive and enthusiastic students

As their name suggests, interactive solutions are intended to involve students in the course. Indeed, young people pay particular attention to everything that involves their participation. They are always enthusiastic and want to learn more, so they easily express their dark points and understand more easily. This is especially observed with interactive screens.

A higher participation rate

Interactive solutions such as touch screens or projection screens encourage learners to participate more in the course. They are very attracted by the different animations and want to use them to learn. Indeed, they are driven by curiosity to discover new things through technology. This is how they ask teachers more questions. These in turn are responsible for leading them to find the right answers.

Greater collaboration between students

Interactive solutions in classrooms promote better collaboration among learners. This is especially noticed during group work. In fact, students find it easier to illustrate their ideas thanks to the exchanges and tools offered by the interactive solutions. They can easily compare their work.

What are good interactive solutions for classrooms?

Three interactive solutions are often very effective in learning learners.

Interactive boards

The interactive whiteboard does not simply replace the traditional blackboard. It also takes the place of all the multimedia tools that can be used in class. This is particularly the video projector with integrated educational files. For this purpose, the Activpanel Element Series screen from Prointeractive.fr is very effective. It allows you to write or make annotations with your finger and stylus. These different actions are made possible thanks to a very innovative technology with great precision.

Touch video projectors

They are very useful in primary and secondary learning. The student will be able to form his first letters by imitating the shape of a consonant or a vowel in writing. The teacher also easily evaluates the progress of each student thanks to the possibility of recording the activities carried out on the device. The tactile video projectors also promote better assimilation of materials through illustrations.

The tablets

The tablets are very useful for the personal progress of the learner and also in group work. They allow students to progress at their own pace. They are connected to the workspace and are followed by the teacher even at home. On the other hand, collective activities are more quickly sent to the touch board to allow easier correction.

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