Why turn to vegan products for cosmetics?

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Vegan cosmetics are more and more present in make-up and bathroom bags. And for good reason the positive points provided by these products are numerous and can easily convince.

5 good reasons to switch to vegan cosmetics

Here are 5 reasons that could convince you, if you are not yet sure about passing the course, for vegan cosmetics. Take care of yourself with its products, your skin will thank you.

To consume ethical products

The main reason that tends to convince many consumers of vegan cosmetics is the fact that they are not tested on animals. And above all do not contain ingredients from animals.

Products with a non-spooky natural composition

You can ensure the quality of these products, thanks to the different labels and / or certifications generally required for these cosmetics. In addition to the labels for quality, the brands do not hesitate to add the “cruelty free” reassurance for the protection of animals.

Very effective, high quality products

One can wonder about the effectiveness of these products which do not generally use chemical ingredients and favor organic. But thanks to the many evolutions and the improvement of the processes carried out in the laboratory and by the various manufacturers, the outgoing products are of high quality.

Environmentally friendly products

The breeding of animals for the production of cosmetic products is one of the causes of a significant emission of greenhouse gases. By removing any element from animals, this is a first step in reducing pollution and protecting the environment.

A growing range of products

These products are increasingly present, with an increasingly complete range of products. You can therefore completely choose to adopt a beauty routine, composed entirely of vegan cosmetics.

What is a vegan cosmetic product?

Vegan cosmetics and all vegan products, which promote veganism, are primarily intended for the protection of animals or the consumption of elements of animal origin. Anything that comes from an animal will therefore not be present in the products and the vegan diet.

This goes through milk, eggs, meat but also honey or gelatin, silk or cashmere and many other raw materials are therefore no longer used. In addition there is also the fact of not testing the products on animals, this is a practice already prohibited in Europe, but this is not the case on all continents.

Choose your vegan products with these two tips

Vegan written scrabble letters surrounded by dried flowers

Be careful, products with the words “organic” or “natural”, does not mean that the products will be vegan. Vegan products are not necessarily organic, so you have to rely on different certifications and labels.

The trust marks that you can find and those that are official are:

  • PETA’s “Cruelty Free and Vegan”
  • “Vegan”, from the Vegan Society

You can also find “One Voice” which is recognizable by vegans as well.

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