Why Use MyPeopleDoc in Your HR Department?

The performance of a company’s human resources department considerably promotes its development. Indeed, apart from remunerations and recruitments, the HR department must ensure the proper functioning of the structure. One of the best ways to do this is to use specialized and effective management programs like MyPeopleDoc. Why use this platform in your HR department?

3 good reasons to use MyPeopleDoc

The advantages of choosing MyPeopleDoc software for the human resources department are multiple. It’s good to know them, to know the capabilities of this software to make the best use of it.

The HR process is automated

Theautomation of HR services is the first advantage offered by the platform. It promotes the speed and also the agility of the operations of this department. The program supports all processes that are people-based and take into account specific business requirements.

Automating HR procedures with MyPeopleDoc helps you create forms with great ease. It allows you to design workflows as well as different processes. All of these can be updated to accommodate changes in legal requirement or business strategy.

Benefit from advanced process analyzes

Another advantage of the platform is benefit from very advanced process analyzes. You have several very easy to read dashboards at your disposal. They allow you, as a first step, to keep an eye on the key performance indicators. The advanced analysis also helps the user to measure prior unknowns.

You can thus have a much more in-depth view of human resources operations. Clearly, the advanced analysis of the platform optimizes the quality of the services offered by the HR department. It also improves worker performance.

Employees are informed and share written documents in complete safety

The platform’s mode of operation allows employees to stay informed. The program is a management support tool and responds effectively to the various demands of workers. In addition, one of the features of MyPeopleDoc is to achieve good management of documents and files relating to employees. In a space specially dedicated to this subject, the human resources team can create, share or even delete files.

In addition, HR has an obligation to protect the personal data of workers. This program is made available to them and benefits from a powerful and very useful security system. With MyPeopleDoc, appraisal interviews, employee social security numbers and other confidential data are well protected.

How does MyPeopleDoc work?

The MyPeopleDoc program is used within an HR department for personnel management. The tool is at the heart of the reception process such as sending documents. All persons with access to the platform have a individual safe. Thanks to the electronic system, the payslips are kept in this program. Note that this also contains all the documents concerning the workers. In addition to being financially interesting, it saves you time.

In addition, MyPeopleDoc works with Arkhineo. It is a deposit and consignment fund. It gives electronic documents a legal value in the same way as physical documents.

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