Why use them on the playground?

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Stop buying Kipsta brand or similar level balloons. If it is not no need to pay more than 100 euros to have a good basketball, a minimum budget is still required. In addition, select the right brands of sports equipment.

If Nike knows how to make quality accessories, Spalding remains the benchmark for basketball and this for years!

Spalding, sports specialist since 1876

This American brand markets products in all sports appreciated by Americans. But, the Spalding basketball is the flagship. This is the official NBA ball, the most prestigious basketball league in the world.

Listening to professional players, the brand knows how to adapt its balls according to their wishes. Thus, when in 2006, the stars of the NBA complain about a ball which does not bounce high enough, the manufacturer does not hesitate to relaunch its old model the time to make the necessary changes.

This desire for quality is reflected in all their products, including the small basketball hoops to put in your garden or the balls for the general public and which cost around forty euros or less.

The qualities of the Spalding ball for playing on a playground

Sure a playground, an outdoor area harder than a parquet floor, the quality of the rebound is essential. Low quality balls tend to bounce too high when inflated to the maximum, then flatten out when they get a bit old. This is not the case with Spalding.

Better, Splading’s quality coating of the ball retains its texture despite the hard surface. You don’t end up with a smooth ball that can’t be held with one hand or that slides with every shot.

The features of a Spalding ball are well marked. For the basketball player, this improves the hold of the ball and his habits. A lot of players like to have their hand positioned a certain way with every shot.

This trait is even accented by NBA star LeBron James. The next time you see him play, watch what he does when he has time before a 3-point shot. He quickly checks how his hand is on the ball before taking its extension.

Use these traits to create your shooting routine. In a drill like free throws, it gives you more confidence and helps relieve stress by focusing more on your habits than on the importance of the throw.

How to keep the ball in its best possible condition?

With Spalding, you have put the maximum chances on your side to keep a ball for years.

To keep the ball in its original state, get into the habit of inflating it regularly. A soft ball changes a lot of things in your game such as having to put a little more force to bounce it or accompanying the shot for a longer period of time during your shoots.

Ban kicking in. Many children like to do it but it quickly distorts the ball and is not part of the basketball rules …

Don’t rub him on the floor and stop the mania of sitting on him at every break. Then, once at home, store it in a dry place at room temperature. Avoid the balcony where the sun will beat on it or the cellar which can soften it due to the humidity.

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