Why use Youzik to listen to your music?

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There are a number of platforms and sites that allow us to listen to music. Some are paid, others free but with ads like Youtube, there are also platforms with free offers and without advertising, but with limited choices. Fortunately there are solutions to download and listen to your music for free and unlimited.

The Youzik site available at youzik.com is one such solution, allowing you to enjoy our music for free and at any time.

What is Youzik?

It is simply a site to convert Youtube video files to mp3 format. This concept will certainly not be unfamiliar to you, in fact there have been many such sites on the Internet for many years. However, not all of them promise great speed, and especially good audio quality after downloading.

How it works ?

We just need to copy the URL of the video into Youzik’s search bar, so no need to register or install anything.

Unlike the majority of other sites that download the video and then convert it, before sending us to a final link, Youzik’s servers will perform the first two steps simultaneously, guaranteeing us a result on average ten times faster than the sites. competitors.

In addition to being fast, Youzik’s system adapts to the downloaded video, in order to guarantee us the best possible audio quality for all the files.

Youzik is unlimited?

More or less, in fact Youzik is free, and allows us to download and convert almost all video files from Youtube.

But to guarantee such a service very quickly for all users, some barriers must be put in place. You will therefore not be able to download videos lasting more than 3 hours, nor should you exceed 20 downloads per minute, at the risk of seeing your IP address blocked.

Is it compatible with Android, Iphone and PC

The site works on the most used web browsers, namely Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera, so it is compatible with all PC or Mac computers.

There are also extensions for Chrome and Firefox, allowing the addition of a download button when viewing Youtube, allowing us to enjoy a fast download without constantly switching between sites.

For those using a smartphone or tablet running Android, an application is available, in order to download and save files in mp3 format directly to your device.

Is it legal?

As Youzik is simply a service for converting videos to mp3 format, it is completely legal. There is currently no law in France prohibiting us from using this type of site.

But above all, you remain responsible for downloading a copyrighted work.

Of course, some videos may be subject to copyright or copyright, so these will be protected, so Youzik may not download your file.

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