Why was the former manager of the streaming site StreamiZ sentenced to a heavy sentence?

In the early 2010s, the StreamiZ streaming site was one of the most popular of its kind in France. In 2018, the former manager of the StreamiZ site was found guilty of counterfeiting and concealed work and was sentenced to 2 years in prison and to pay a staggering amount of damages to the various beneficiaries.

Is streaming illegal?

Streaming is a technology making it possible to read, listen to or view audiovisual content (music, film, series, etc.) directly from an Internet browser and without having to resort to downloading using the Download Zone image.

The principle of streaming is therefore not illegal from the moment the streaming site owns the rights to the content that it makes available to its users and that it pays dividends to the beneficiaries who own them. These are the legal streaming offers.

Streaming sites like StreamiZ which is also always accessible at the address www.streaming.streamiz.co/accueil-site/, for their part, offer pirated content for free access and without prior agreements with the beneficiaries who therefore lose money and control over their production. These are the illegal streaming deals!

StreamiZ, a former streaming leader in France

In 2011 during its heyday, StreamiZ was the second illegal streaming site on the French internet with no less than 250,000 unique visitors every day, for around 40,000 films available and 500 million views in total according to Sacem .

The site presented itself as a huge streaming and download directory. The nuance is played on the fact that StreamiZ did not host any content on the platform by only offering links from external sharing platforms, such as MegaVideo and MegaUpload.

The very important site traffic, however, brought nearly 150,000 euros to its administrator who was paid for each click of users by the ad displayed before each movie or download. The jackpot was found on an account based in Luxembourg.

A symbolic condemnation

It was following a complaint from the National Federation of Film Distributors at the end of 2009 that the StreamiZ administrator was pinned down by justice at his home in October 2011 with no less than 30,000 euros in cash in his personal belongings. .

Summoned to the Nanterre court in February 2018, the former manager did not appear before the examining magistrate and is considered to be on the run with an arrest warrant against him.

His absence, however, did not prevent the sentence from falling and the man was found guilty of counterfeiting and concealed labor..

The defendant is thus sentenced to 2 years in prison and a fine of 83.6 million euros to be paid to the civil party: Disney, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros. and various professional unions in the audiovisual sector.

David El Sayegh, Secretary General of Sacem sees this condemnation as “a very clear message” before adding “there will be no impunity for pirates”. The lawyer for the civil parties speaks for his part to “mark the spirits”.

Obviously not enough to prevent clones of the Streamiz video site from appearing at other addresses such as wwvv.streamiz-hd.xyz, other sites for their part are still well established, like Filmzenstrea, Streamiz vk, Sokrostream etc …

Because indeed, warning and setting an example for other streaming sites was the main issue of this symbolic condemnation of the StreamiZ case and of his ex-manager still lost in nature.

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