Why you just can’t do without a logo

Insane is the one who thinks he can ignore a logo… To put it simply, a logo is the image of your company. It is the visual representation of your company and the values ​​you stand for. This is what sets you apart from the average product and tells your ideal customers “choose me”.

Generate interest in your prospects

If you had to compare marketing to a dating site, your logo would be your profile picture. According to the Institute for Opinion and Marketing Studies in France and abroad (Ifop), in 2018, 26% of French people have already experimented with online dating. Even if you haven’t done it yourself, you know how crucial the first impression is …

You would never accept a friend request from someone with a questionable photo on Facebook… Worse on Instagram. And what about Tinder where a bad photo is the guarantee of an absence of meetings?

Whether you agree with it or not, today’s world is dominated by the image and making a good impression is crucial if you are to survive. Do not think that the professional world is spared …

Well chosen, a logo makes your prospects want to know more about you. Badly put together, it turns off all your potential customers and will lead you to bankruptcy.

Consolidate the perception of your brand

Be honest… After reading the following question, respond instinctively, without thinking. In addition, you only have the choice between two answers: either it is yes or it is no.

Would you enter your bank details on a website whose logo gives the impression of having been made in Paint?

Probably not. And this is quite normal: if the creator did not deign to invest to create a coherent visual identity, why would he do it to protect your personal data?

Even if your business is your first professional project, don’t let clients notice it. Your prospect doesn’t have to feel your doubts or your inexperience. Use logo maker software to convey a professional image.

With a good logo you say tacitly “Let go, we’ll never let you down”.

Additionally, a logo can help your business appear bigger than it is. Even if you work from your bedroom, a well-selected logo can convey the image of a multinational in the making. Under your Pikachu-patterned pajamas, maybe hiding the next Marc Zuckerberg. Don’t let a logo of questionable quality keep your star from shining …

Stand out from competition

Do you have any idea how many companies are created each day? Every 24 hours, 1,619 companies are created in France. In the midst of this ocean of possibilities, you owe it to yourself to be visible.

A site like the Institute for Opinion and Marketing Studies in France can give you the keys to increasing your popularity.

A logo is one of the creations that make your products stand out from the crowd. Can you design Coca-Cola without its eponymous symbol? Or MTV without its logo? It’s extremely difficult …

So that your brand is not drowned in the mass of this entrepreneurial fury, make it stand out with an identifiable pictogram. On your stationery, roll-ups, or social media, it’ll let your prospects know they’re in the right place.

Do not overlook the power of this rallying cry … Like a flag, a logo attracts those who share the same values.

Increase your brand awareness

In 2019, Buffer reported the results of a study conducted on social media. The results are clear … On Facebook, pictorial publications receive 53% more “likes” than isolated texts. On Twitter, the constant is the same: illustrated tweets are shared 150% more than simple tweets.

Don’t underestimate the power of visuals… A picture is and will always be worth a thousand words.

To publicize your business, include your logo on all your communication media, whether virtual or physical. Your prospect will probably not remember all of the content of this article about your company, but they will remember your logo. And the next time he sees your product in store, he’ll think “why not ?”

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