Will you be doing yoga at the start of the school year like all these French people?

Yoga has become a fashionable sport, more and more practiced by women, but also men. It’s a sport that brings a lot both psychically and physically, which is why it has become so popular in France. But will it be the sport you will practice at the start of the school year?

The numbers don’t lie, it’s one of the favorite sports of the French

Indeed, in recent years it is a sport that is more and more practiced by the French, it is also difficult not to see a publication on social networks with a yoga-girl, it has become an art to live.

In France, there were 2.6 million practitioners, in 2019, against 1.8 million in 2017, a figure that will continue to increase in 2020. We can base ourselves on the study carried out by Savoo, which shows that There are 90,500 people doing yoga research on Google, which shows the popularity of the sport.

The most popular leisure activities in France

In Europe, it is the most popular leisure activity in Germany, Austria, but also in the Nordic countries, such as Sweden, as well as in part of Iceland.

The most popular leisure activities in Europe
The most popular leisure activities in Europe

Yoga and its many pleasant benefits

Yoga is an activity that has many followers, because it is a sport that has many benefits for physical health, but also for morale. An activity that can be started at any age and that you can learn in class or at home at your own pace.

Do yoga to relax and reduce stress

Among all sports, this is the most beneficial activity for reducing stress. Indeed, during a yoga session, meditation often comes into action, via the different breaths practiced, your mind will empty itself to concentrate on them and think of nothing else.

Thanks to this less stress, your nights will also be much more serene, you will sleep well. But that’s not all, some yoga postures promote better sleep, the favorite is the downward dog position. While for a good wake-up call and a good start to the day, the sun salutation is preferred.

Do yoga to lose weight and lose weight

Yoga is excellent for relieving stress and feeling good, but it is also a very popular activity, for its gentle sporting side. Yoga uses all the muscles of the body and above all, it works the muscles in depth.

It is ideal for slimming your figure and losing weight, activity is often accompanied by a new lifestyle. Healthy eating, a more enjoyable lifestyle with less stress, which is immediately visible on your physique.

It is a sport that can be played by anyone regardless of their ability

In addition to these different benefits, yoga is a sport that can be practiced by everyone, from an early age.

It is not uncommon to see many children doing this, which allows them to channel their energy. There are also many pregnant women who practice yoga, it is a gentle sport and does not involve any risk for themselves or the child.

Regardless of your physical ability, you can practice yoga at your own pace. Even if you are stout, you can still do yoga, you will find suitable postures and little by little you will see your physique change and you will feel good in your body.

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