Winter 2021-2022: How to choose the coat that will keep you warm?

The first snows of winter have appeared on the peaks, causing you to think about buying a new coat. The objective this year, not to be cold in the morning when leaving for a day of work. To prevent you from procrastinating too much, here are some tips that will guide you in your choice.

What exactly is a warm coat?

A coat should neither be too loose nor too close to the body. You could then be cold. Ideally, you should have some headroom to be able to wear a thick sweater underneath. If you are a fan of wool, also make sure to choose a coat made of at least 70% of it. The remaining percentage usually corresponds to the synthetic components of the liner. So remember to check the label carefully.

Choose, for example, a Gerard Darel woolen cloth coat. This material is the fiber that remains the most suitable in winter, because it is at the same time breathable, insulating and breathable. In addition, prefer long or mid-length coats. They will guarantee you to have warmth in the lower back. Their advantage is also that they are versatile and can be worn easily, with pants or a dress, for example.

Warm woman with her coat

Down and synthetic, what’s the difference?

Wool is not the only option for composing a warm coat. There are indeed two other types of insulation, down and synthetic, each with its own advantages. The down, first of all. It is the most compressible and lightest insulation on the market. While it is ideal for dry and cold climates, it may perform less well in wet conditions. When wet, the feathers tend to clump together and the down loses its insulating properties.

Synthetics, on the other hand, will be more resistant to moisture. Just as warm as down, it is generally more affordable in terms of price.

How to choose the right coat according to its morphology?

The coat you choose for this winter should match your size and body type. If you are of average height, wear it however you like. If you opt for a very long piece, you will just have to make sure to wear heels so as not to compress your figure. For the little ones, short or mid-length coats will be preferred. Finally, older children can wear the coat of their choice, regardless of its length.

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