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With the ability to find many items much cheaper than prices offered elsewhere, Wish has become a strong competitor to traditional e-commerce sites like Amazon. Does the success make Wish a reliable site?

The quality of the products available on Wish.com. Wish, a scam?

With the importation of Chinese product, it is possible to do very good business, such as ending up with very poor quality products. So can we talk about a scam?

With the number of stores on the platform, there is no proper quality control of the products on the part of Wish, but this is also what makes it possible to have products at such competitive prices. In addition, since the products are not specially designed for the European market, the standards, quality criteria and sizes (for clothing) are not exactly the same in China.

To avoid disappointments, it is still preferable to avoid certain categories of products and to rely heavily on opinions already left by other Internet users before making a purchase.

Wish delivery costs and time

For delivery costs, it is impossible to give a precise price as they can vary depending on the shops, the products, the weight of the package and the destination of the shipment. However, it is possible to see the estimated costs on the product page in the Wish application or directly in the shopping cart for the website.

For the delivery time we do not forget the two working days of classic e-commerce sites such as Amazon for a delivery that can reach several weeks. On average, it takes around four weeks for a typical delivery, but to target more broadly, delivery can take anywhere from two to eight weeks.

You can also see the tracking of the package in the order history where the steps for sending your order are noted, as well as the tracking number. To prevent any problems with the order, it is advisable to contact Wish after-sales service after four weeks to be able to locate the order or request a refund.

Wish and customs fees

Regarding customs fees, you risk almost nothing on Wish if you buy individually or in small quantities. If you have a basket with a lot of product inside or which exceeds the hundred euros mark, we advise you to divide your large order into several small orders. Otherwise you risk that your package will be checked by French customs and therefore have to pay fees.

In the event that this happens to you, know that the customs charges related to VAT correspond to 20% of the purchase price of the product. For an order of 150 euros for example, you will therefore have to pay an additional 30 euros to be paid at the post office upon receipt of your order. The risk is also increased for branded electronic products.

These indications however concern the customs charges in force in France, for a delivery in another country, the functioning and the customs charges will be different.

How do I pay for purchases on Wish?

To pay for your purchases on Wish, there are three different ways: Paypal, credit card or Google Wallet.

The simplest, fastest and most secure methods are of course Paypal and Google Wallet, which do not allow you to enter your banking information on the application or the Wish site. All you need to do is log into your Paypal or Google Wallet account when ordering to be able to pay.

Credit cards are of course accepted, Wish accepting Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Maestro cards. As the Wish platform is secure, you logically have nothing to fear with this payment method, but you will need to provide the usual information for an online order (card number, name of the holder, visual cryptogram, etc.).

Returns and refunds on Wish, good after-sales service?

In the Chinese import platform world, Wish’s after-sales service is probably one of the best around. In the event of a problem with an order, customer service undertakes to answer your questions within 72 hours.

Wish will refund the exact amount of your order to your account. The refund can take up to 3 days for a payment via Paypal, and less than ten days for a payment by credit card. If you need to return a product, you have the option of doing so within 30 days to be eligible for a refund.

The refund is made in the form of a credit note to be able to order again on the platform, so you will not get the money back in your bank / paypal account. Note that Wish does not reimburse any customs fees.

Wish, Aliexpress, Romwe, Shein or Joom? Is there a better one?

By not having quality control of the products sold from them, Wish and Aliexpress have started a seller’s war which allows to have products at very competitive prices. As long as you pay attention to what you buy.

Conversely, with Romwe, Shein or Joom, which offers quality control, we are supposed to find superior quality products, but the invoice will necessarily be more expensive.

Depending on the products you need, it is therefore better to look at several platforms and compare prices and reviews before making a choice!

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