Xiaomi Dreame V9 a Conccurent in Dyson – Reviews & Test

The stick vacuum cleaner sector is a moving sector and its market is very dynamic. Thus, the Xiaomi Dreame V9 stick vacuum cleaner offers, today, the best in terms of characteristics, capacities and even accessories. Here we will see what you need to know.

Xiaomi stick vacuum cleaner review and test video

Where to buy your Dreame V9 Stick Vacuum

The Xiaomi Dreame V9 stick vacuum cleaner: features and accessories

The Xiaomi Dreame stick vacuum cleaner is a versatile stick vacuum cleaner. Fruit of the collaboration between the Dreame brand and Xiaomi, this version 9 of the designer comes with a large electric roller brush, an independent motor and its range of accessories (roller brush, brush for the floor …)

The advantages of the Xiaomi Dreame V9 stick vacuum cleaner

The Xiaomi Dreame is equipped with a multicyclonic filtration system allowing it to clean effectively. Also, in addition to being easily installed, it has other advantages:

  • A powerful suction
  • HEPA filtration
  • One Run Time (60 minutes)
  • Air cooling (SamrtCool 3.0)

Consumer reviews and tests

According to the opinions collected, the xiaomi dreame has a good price-performance ratio. Its main qualities are:

  • a power of 120 watts which allow it to clean 380 m2
  • an autonomy of 60 minutes
  • Maneuverability optimized by its weight of 2.56 kg and a comfortable center of gravity.

Ultimately, efficient, light and ergonomic as evidenced by the many opinions of users, the Xiaomi Dreame vacuum cleaner is efficient and is increasingly attracting users. Thus, the brand’s new model tends to position itself as a serious competitor to Dyson.

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