YEELIGHT Smart LED – The connected bulb that colors your interior – Reviews & Test

With its 16 million colors, built-in Wi-Fi and low energy consumption, this smart bulb from Yeelight is designed to offer you an optimal, comfortable, customizable and durable lighting solution at a lower cost. Below is an overview of its features and functionality.

Presentation video with review and video test of the Yeelight connected bulb

Where to buy your Yeelight Smart LED?

More information on this connected bulb from the Yeelight brand

The Yeelight smart LED bulb offers you to personalize your interior lighting with more than 16 million different colors, thanks to its RGB coding system. The color temperature can be adjusted from 1700K to 6500K. With a power of 10 Watts and 800 lumens, the LED produces a high brightness light.

Installation and configuration of the Yeelight Smart is quick and easy: the bulb simply connects to your home Wi-Fi network. You have full control over the bulb with the free Yeelight remote control application. Compatibility with Google Home, IFTTT and Amazon Alexa allows you to interact with the bulb by voice command.

Finally, Yeelight Smart allows you to save money thanks to its low power consumption and its estimated lifespan of 11 years.


  • Energy saving and environment

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