YggTorrent new address? But why ?

YggTorrent has once again changed their address, the reason does not change, but as usual, they have done everything possible to be present on the web. For several years now, it has been a real ping-pong game that has been played between legislation and streaming platforms. But then what is YggTorrent’s new address and why have they changed their address once again.

Which address to go to enjoy YggTorrent?

It is well known, the sites offering streamings have a habit of constantly changing address, to be always present on the web. On December 2, that’s what happened, to YggTorrent, as they announced on their twitter account, they are no longer at the yggtorrent address with one of the extensions, “yggtorrent.pe”, “ yggtorrent.ch ”,“ yggtorrent.to ”,“ yggtorrent.is ”or even“ yggtorrent.gg ”. By searching with these extensions, you will be automatically redirected to the new address yggtorrent.ws, which is based in Samoa.

Why once again this change of address?

The reason is simple and always the same, to follow up on a court decision, Internet service providers, such as SFR, Bouygues Telecom, but also Free and Orange, must block addresses, broadcasting illegal content.

But this is not the only reason, in fact, Google has also implemented actions so that these sites do not find their place on social networks and let it be known. In their latest transparency report, the web giant indicates that rights holders have reported more than 172,000 addresses corresponding to YggTorrent. Google then deleted 70% of these reports, which deindexes them from the search engine.

Enjoying streaming is easy, but is it legal?

It is well known that downloading is illegal, a law has even been put in place to counter this act, the Hadopi law. There are several levels of penalties, at first you will receive an email, but the penalty climbs quickly, for a second take, you could be fined, which can amount to € 1,500.

Regarding streaming, the act of going to these platforms to watch streaming content is not illegal. But uploading content held without copyright is, so it is these different streaming sites that are illegal.

The simplest solution is to watch movies, series in streaming on platforms, which they have these copyrights of the rights holders, because they have paid. You can, for example, take advantage of many very advantageous subscriptions, Netflix, Amazon Prime or OCS. By going through this system you will be legal.

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