Yomoni, the ideal tool to manage your savings

Yomoni is a personal finance management start-up. It helps you manage your savings and your investment. The site is managed by professionals who take care of making judicious investments over the long term.

This site is aimed at individuals who wish to save or invest without having to do it themselves. Registration is simple and you don’t need to send your files.

Good reasons to choose Yomoni to manage your savings

Yomoni allows you to invest and manage your savings without the hassle. To make sure the site is reliable, our Yomoni performance review helps you learn more about this platform.

The platform offers you optimized and personalized management of your savings. To do this, you have an algorithm that allows you to choose investments that interest you. The digital tool allows you to have a clear and real-time vision of your investments.

3 services that will convince you

Yomoni gives you the possibility to choose between three financial products in which to invest your money.

  • Life insurance that is accessible to any type of investor profile.
  • The securities account which is accessible only to profile 3 (dynamic investor who favors profit over the security of his assets.
  • The stock savings plan which is suitable for prudent and balanced investors. They don’t want to take too much risk while focusing on long-term profitability.

The management fees are low compared to the prices applied in traditional banks.

The route to register on the platform

Registration on the platform is simple and intuitive. Once connected to the registration page, all you need to do is complete the form by answering the 15 questions asked. The purpose of these questions is to get the team to get to know you in order to better help you.

After this form, you will have to give details about your resources and what you plan to do with them. The goal is to know which type of product is right for you: a long-term investment or a savings that allows you to withdraw your money at any time. To make your choice, you can consult the help table which will allow you to make the best choice adapted to your needs. Once you have provided all the information, you have a Yomoni account.

Who is this company – Yomoni?

Yomoni is a start-up which saw the light of day in 2015. It has the approval of the AMF and that of the SGP which allow it to carry out financial activities. The platform works in collaboration with several financial organizations. Its operating system is based on management under mandate.

The customer therefore does not have the right to make financial transactions on the platform. He can choose his level of risk, but the management of the portfolio is entrusted entirely to the responsibility of the site managers. It is up to them to work to develop their clients’ portfolios through the various investments.

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